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Biscuit Making

Alif Ovens Baking Oven

Approx. Rs 2 Lakh / Piece

This oven is required to bake all types of biscuits as per requirement in a continuously travelling operation through convection and radiation heating by diesel ,gas or electricity .
The baking in the heating chamber of biscuit baking oven takes place by radiators located under nd above the wire mesh bank which distributeheat for uniform baking .The recirculation heating gases of the chamber and the temperature is controlled by automatic temperature controller on the cotrol panel.
1 TON TO 5 TON /HR capacity ranging between 800 to 1500mm wide .

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Alif Ovens Horizontal Dough Mixer

Approx. Rs 12.5 Lakh / Piece



Contact parts:

Leakage protection:

Power load:

ALIF OVENS Biscuit Cooling Conveyor

Approx. Rs 15 Lakh / Piece

Applicatiion :
The biscuit coming from oven is directed on to the cooling conveyor to transfer the biscuit in atmospheric air for cooling in most economical way without using any artificial air. The recommended total travel of the cooling conveyor is 1.5 times the oven length .
Design :
The cooling conveyors are designed according to the ambient temperature and space avaialabe after oven .It may be in multiple tiers and turns to asve the space in the factory.The biscuits are cooled from top and bottom sides by turining on each tier without distributing their individual lanes coming out of the oven .
The conveyors can be supplies with 'U'  and 'L' type turn tables.
As per the length and width of the oven ranging between 800mm to 1500mm. 

ALIF OVENS Rotary Moulder Machine

Approx. Rs 12 Lakh / Piece

Application :
 Roatry Moulder is used for the desired shape out of soft dough and soft variety of biscuits like glucose 
 The dough to be moulded is fed into the hopper and a forcing roller forces the dough into the cavities of the moulding roller made out of gun metal,uniformly engraved and coated with food grade Teflon.
Excess dough is cleared with a knife .This is held by a holder made from tool steel , to ensure uniform filling.
As per the length and width of the ovens ,raging from 800 to 1500mm wide.

ALIF OVENS Biscuit Sandwiching Machine

Approx. Rs 5.5 Lakh / Piece

We manufacture and export wire cut type cream biscuit sandwiching machine, which is designed to produce a wide range of biscuit sandwiches in various shapes and sizes. Cream deposit can be uniformly thick or thin... large or small.... square or rectangular... as required to match base biscuit size and shape.


ALIF OVENS Biscuit Mould and Dies

Approx. Rs 20,000 / Piece

We manufacture a wide range of molding & cutting die in different shapes and sizes. As with all our product range these too are fabricated with cutting edge technology using high quality raw materials to ensure durable and glitch free performance.

Additional Information:

ALIF OVENS Biscuit Grinder

Approx. Rs 2 Lakh / piece

Application :
This machine is used to grind rejected biscuit for recycling .
Design :
Rotary type , fully automatic including feeding system,all contact parts in stainless steel .
From 300 kg 500kg /hr .
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